In-Service Professional Development

In-Service Professional Development

Hands-on-Science has evolved into a program whose scope now includes professional development for in-service teachers. This professional development component includes a series of content-rich workshops that are taught using the guided inquiry method that is the hallmark of the undergraduate curriculum. The workshops are designed to teach core, underlying concepts in an intensive one-week focus on Physics, Biology, Astronomy or Chemistry/Geology. These one-week content workshops mirror our college curricula and offer a great opportunity for in-service teachers to rediscover science and transform their classrooms. If you have questions, please contact our Professional Development Coordinator Peggy Pitts

The UTeach Texas Regional Collaborative offers professional development  to participants including one week summer institutes and monthly Saturday workshops. The topics selected for the professional development are based on the needs for strengthening content in areas identified by the Texas Education Agency after analyzing student performance on the STAAR.


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The Workshop Experience

Rediscover Science

The Hands-on-Science workshops are designed to give you the opportunity to learn in the same way that you can teach your students, through exploration and discovery. In Hands-on-Science, teachers collaborate in teams to develop scientifically rigorous models that explain the phenomena around us, such as the phases of the moon. Rather than load you down with scientific facts, we help you learn fundamental scientific concepts upon which all other science is built, through inquiry. Each teacher brings his or her own ideas to the table, tests those ideas with real measurements, and works within a group of other teachers to achieve understanding of the concepts.

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Transform Your Classroom

Our goal is to help you ask questions and think like a scientist so that you feel comfortable handling your students’ “why and how” questions. We can arm you with the techniques that can be used to transform your current teaching methods and lessons to inquiry-based science lessons aligned with the TEKS.

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What You get from the Workshops

  • Expansion of your interdisciplinary science content knowledge
  • Development of a common scientific language across science disciplines
  • Inquiry-based teaching skills to guide students through experiments and evidence-based reasoning to discover the big ideas.
  • A content-building experience completely aligned with the TEKS.